Old Reels!
Why do the new ones all look the same?

How things began

Forty Jears ago i purchased my first Fishingreel. I rember a shiny silver Daiwa. This reel made a hollow tickering needle like Sound at retrive. The tone was one of a kind.
But what type has it been? I didn't remember. The last time I got a view on it had been fifteen years ago at my cousins Garage up in the North. 

Nearly two years ago, when I started fishing with wagglers I needed to get a apropriate small reel. For the fist time for Years I had to deal with modern fixed reels. 4,7,12 Ball bearings wheres the need? These reels touched nothing in me like in reels in former times.

So I bought my first used Reel, a Daiwa 1000c. Still in search of my beloved Reel some other Modells blazed my way. Finaly I got it my old Reel its name- 2600D!
And now I could hear it again this rare and matchless Sound.

Whats on?

Why are there no Sites showing all our precious poppets, telling the true story?
I didn' t find very much after long search.
Indeed I do not own a substancial amound of Reels and I'm not a real collector. Furthermore I feel very satisfied using old reels for fishing let them do for what they are made.

What if they were damaged?

Why now after forty Years?

This site doesn't use crypted communication and there is no need to do so. I don't like tracking cookies or scripts so here is non. I don't have to count page hits and do not have to justify me by myself. There are always pages out there whitch are better or greater - so what do I have to measure?  If you discover some tracking stuff please contact me. Then it wil be time to move.

Furthermore there are no Ads - beside this small Disclaimer just beyond this text.

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